Keynote Speakers

July 14-16, 2017   |   Barcelona, Spain

Speaker I

Prof. Ewa Dluska

Warsaw Univeristy of Technology, Poland

Education and work experience:
PhD (1997) and DSc (2012) in Chemical Engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology. Research fellowship at University of Oxford in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering in encapsulation of stem cells (2013).
My specific research interests lie in:
Encapsulation of drugs/ living cells, release processes, development of multiple emulsions with bioactive agents in a Couette-Taylor Flow bioreactor for drug delivery systems.
Modelling of drug release process from multiple emulsions and micro/nanoparticles.
Separation processes in environmental protection: organic compounds and heavy metals removal.
Chemical Reactor Engineering - multiphase flow.
Alternative emulsion-based fuels.
Flue Gas Cleaning: filtration of aerosols.
Physical chemistry
Mass transfer processes
Simple and multiple emulsions in new technologies

Speaker II

Prof. Ferda Mavituna

The University of Manchester, UK


Barcelona, Spain 

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