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ICCCE 2021

2021 The 12th International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Paris, France | July 18-20, 2021

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ICCCE 2020

2020 11th International Conference on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was originally planned to be held in Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland. Due to the pandemic impact, the conference have to be held virtually. Thank you all for your participation during July 8-10, 2020!

Keynote Speakers and Session Chairs

Somce conference delegates with camera on

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Alexander M. Korsunsky (Vice President, Trinity College, University of Oxford, UK)
Speech Title: Progress Overview in Numerical Modelling and Experimental Characterisation of Polycrystal Deformation

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Yuyuan Zhao (University of Liverpool, UK)
Speech Title: Properties of Porous Metals Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy Based Methods

Invited Speaker: Prof. Yasuhiko HAYASHI (Okayama University, Japan)
Speech Title: Dry-spun Carbon Nanotube Yarns for Energy and Soft Actuator Applications

Invited Speaker: Prof. Maya Kiskinova (Elettra-Sincrotrone, Italy)
Speech Title: Insights on Properties of Morphologically Complex Functional Materials Using Advanced Methods at Synchrotrons and
Free Electron Lasers

Invited Speaker: Prof. Sotirios Grammatikos (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Speech Title: Challenges of Polymer Composites Adoption in Infrastructure
*Due to urgent issue, Prof. Sotirios cannot attend the conference finally. Mr. Chaman delivered the speech on his behalf.

Best Presentations Winners

ID: NE20-1025-A
Speech Title: Large-Area Characterization of Two-Dimensional Monolayer MoS2 Island
Authors: Omer Luria, Pranab Mohapatra, Abraham Kribus and Ariel Ismach
Presenter: Omer Luria, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
ID: C20-210
Speech Title: Oil-contaminated Surface Cleaning using Oxygen and Nitrogen Nanobubbles
Authors: Karol Ulatowski, Michał Sidorski and Paweł Sobieszuk
Presenter: Karol Ulatowski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
ID: C20-223
Speech Title: The Use of Activated Tyre Pyrolysis Char for Adsorption of Volatile Organic
Authors: Tomasz Kotkowski , Robert Cherbański and Eugeniusz Molga
Presenter: Tomasz Kotkowski, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
ID: NE20-1003
Speech Title: Drop Solution Calorimetric Studies of Interface Enthalpy of Cubic Silver(I) Oxide (Ag2O) Nanocrystals
Authors: Khansaa Al-Essa, A.V. Radha and Alexandra Navrotsky
Presenter: Khansaa Al-Essa, Jerash University, Jordan